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Takis Zombie 28g

Takis Zombie 28g


Dare to step out of your comfort zone with Takis® Zombie Habenero, Cucumber and Lime rolled tortilla chips. These tantalizingly spooky, spicy chips provide a unique adventure in every crunchy bite. Push your taste buds to the limits with Takis® Zombie Habenero, Cucumber and Lime! Feel the excitement with every bite as these bold and zesty chips take you on a wild journey of flavor. Be ready for a tasty thrill ride!

  • Ingredients

    Corn flour, Vegetable oil (canola, modified palm, palm, TBHQ), Seasoning [Sugars (corn maltodextrin, dextrose, sugar), Salt, Citric acid, Natural and artificial flavour, Potassium chloride, Turmeric (colour), Indigotine (colour), Brilliant blue FCF (colour), Malic acid, Hydrolyzed yeast extract, Calcium silicate, Silicon dioxide).

    May contain: Peanuts, Milk, Soy, Eggs, Wheat, Barley, Sesame, Sulphites, Mustard.

    ALLERGENS: Contains Soy and traces of Milk, Egg and Gluten.

    Imported from the USA

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