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Prime Lemonade USA import 🇺🇸

Prime Lemonade USA import 🇺🇸


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Brand New Prime Lemonade released in the USA on May 15th.

With 25 calories and zero added sugar, Prime Hydration is a great option for anyone looking to stay hydrated without sacrificing your daily calorie goals — or needing to sacrifice great taste.

Imported from the USA.

  • Additional information

    The Prime Hydration Drink Lemonade, It has zero added sugar and is low on calories with the full bottle having only 20 calories. It has 10% coconut water in the drink. It has anti-oxidants and Vitamin B. Its bold flavor quenches the thirst, and helps to refuel energy. The drink is gluten and calorie free.


    Zero added sugar ​

    25 Calories ​

    10% Coconut Water ​


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