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2 x Prime Grape Hydration 🇺🇸 dented bottles

2 x Prime Grape Hydration 🇺🇸 dented bottles


US 🇺🇸 Version: Back in stock “Limited stock”

Prime Hydration is a better-for-you hydration option where function and taste come first. Each bottle contains 10% coconut water, zero sugar, BCAAs, antioxidants, electrolytes, and zinc for immunity in five delicious flavor options: Blue Raspberry, Grape, Orange, Lemon Lime, and Fruit Punch. Prime combines the ingredients you want with the flavors you love to hydrate you with every sip.

10% coconut water

Natural flavor and no artificial colors

Electrolytes packed with potassium, zinc for immunity, antioxidants, and BCAAs

Each bottle contains 25% or more recycled plastic

Prime Hydration brought to you by Logan Paul and KSI. A better-for-you hydration option with zero sugar and 10% coconut water for hydration in every sip.

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